About Cheryl

About Cheryl Lazarus – My Relationship Story

Years ago,  my world shattered when my husband and I split  up. I felt lost and also had to face my own contribution to the deterioration of our marriage. I needed heal, to learn how to trust again and to create healthier relationship patterns.

I didn’t want to make the same mistakes again!

It took time and determination and professional help.

Through healing and recreating my life, I feel more whole, fulfilled and complete than ever before – in both my relationships and within myself!

I also realized that everything that I had learned and studied would be helpful to others as well. Therefore, I trained and gained expertise in Relationships, Intimacy, Tantra and Communication Practices to go along with my coaching and therapeutic skills.

My mission is to help men and women to trust and communicate with each other;  to people keep their intimacy, connection and romance alive and enjoy  more fulfilling relationships!  That’s why I also developed some fabulous speciality programs such as “Trust Again” and ‘Reconnect Now.”

As a Certified Relationship Specialist, my  passion is to also help people become more empowered and connected in their dating and relationship life. I’m  an advocate for staying true to oneself while remaining open, compassionate and understanding with others. I believe that this creates the foundation for long lasting, healthy relationships.

Many independent people lose themselves while they are dating,  in a relationship or a marriage. They abandon that which is important to them and give up their power so that  they can gain approval, and then resent it afterward.

Or, out of fear and insecurity, may sabotage the very thing they are looking for…..love and connection. There is often a disconnect between what people say they want (a loving partner) and what they create, (another version of their previous unsuccessful relationship)

One of my specialties is in helping people to recognize and break their unhealthy patterns, to resolve the conflicts within themselves,  and to find the love or deepen the connection that they are seeking (both within themselves and in their relationships).

Regaining trust after a hurt or betrayal is also crucial for healing and for being able to create intimate relationships again.

Through practical tools and heart centered practices, I have created an integrated approach to healing and change. It’s a a process that can be quick yet is long lasting, and deeply rewarding.

Cheryl Lazarus – credentials:

Cheryl Lazarus’s credentials  include that she is a  Certified Relationships, Divorce and Life Coach, and a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Career Coach. She also draws from years of training and expertise in Gestalt Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Effective Communication and Empowerment Methods, and Love and Intimacy Practices. As an Ordained Interfaith Minister, she understands diverse beliefs and spiritual paths.

Cheryl has been interviewed on radio shows, written about in national and international publications and has spoken at the United Nations, women’s organizations and on Expert Panels.

Cheryl is a published author who has contributed 2 chapters in the newly published book, “Onward and Upward: A Guide to Getting Through NY Divorce and Family Law Issues.” Her chapter are:  “Healing and Becoming Emotionally Available Again” and “The Benefits of Working with a Divorce Coach – to save you time, money and aggravation”

Cheryl is a monthly contributor to The Three Tomatoes: the insider guide to women. Her column is The Love Coach.

In addition, Cheryl draws upon her years of business experience as a corporate executive, leading teams internationally to create products specific to their customers needs. She also owned and operated the first stores in the country to specialize in business clothing for pregnant working women. Through these endeavors Cheryl learned how to create from an intention, build a solid foundation and structure,  and follow steps to desired goals and success.

She brings all her expertise and skills to her Dating, Relationship, Intimacy and Divorce coaching, groups and seminars. She will guide you to dismantle that which needs to be dismantled, build what needs to be built and give direction for creating the next steps toward fulfilling your hearts desire in relationships, love and intimacy!

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