About ZengaLove

What do you desire?

Our mission is to help you  create a breakthrough  in your dating, relationships, intimacy and sexuality. Or if you are going through a breakups or divorce, to help you heal and go through the process more smoothly.

We help you to bridge the gap between where you are, where you want to go, and how you can get there faster.

Cheryl Lazarus, our Visionary and Relationship Specialist says, “Many independent people lose themselves while they are dating or in a relationship.  They abandon that which is important to them and give up their power so that  they can gain approval, and then resent it afterward.

Or, out of fear and insecurity, may sabotage the very thing they are looking for…..love and connection. There is often a disconnect between what people say they want (a loving partner) and what they create, (another version of their previous unsuccessful relationship).”

You can do this differently and we are dedicated to showing you how!

ZengaLove private coaching, Love Programs, support groups, seminars and blog posts  help you to:

~ Stay true to yourself while in a relationship
~ Create relationships that are supportive; that bring you joy, intimacy
and connection
~ Stop repeating relationship dynamics that cause you pain, anxiety, or lack
~ Stop going after unavailable men or women
~ Heal your heart and/or your sexuality so that you can be open to more love
and intimacy

Through our private coaching and Love programs you can dive into your own personal challenges and desires and have expert guidance to help take you where you want to go. Private coaching and Programs include: Dating with Confidence, Improving or Deepening a Relationship, Sexuality and Intimacy, and Breakup/Divorce.

ZengaLove seminars and support groups are a great place to learn, and to receive support as you share challenges and dreams while being coaching by a Relationship Expert

Our blog posts and podcasts are designed to inspire and inform you on dating, intimacy, relationship and breakup/divorce topics.  You’ll discover new ideas and techniques that you can apply immediately!