‘Available for Love’ Program

Overcome obstacles and attract new love.

Are you ready for love?

You say you want love,  yet do you value your independence – too much?

You say you want love and has your heart healed from the past?

You say you want love and are you afraid of making the same mistakes again?

You are not alone!

I felt this way, after going through a divorce and heartbreak. Many people feel this way, especially if they’re coming out of a relationship or if it’s a while since they’ve dated. They’re conflicted about love.  “What will it be like this time?”  “Will I get hurt?  “Will I ever find the right person for me – I don’t want to make the same mistake that I did last time!”  You may feel this way, too –

Or you know that you are ready!

You feel in every cell of your body.   You enjoy your life and want to share it with someone special.  You miss companionship. You miss connected sex!

And you know that

This time you want it to last!  You’re tired of broken hearts and starting over. You’ve learned from the past or know that  you need to;  that it’s a  process.

You’re ready to do what it takes to attract your perfect mate; the one who will  to be with you in good times and in bad, the one to share your heart with. You’re ready to attract your lover, partner, companion and friend!

Whether you’re  still conflicted about love or ready to attract the relationship of your dreams, our “Attract Love’ Program can make the difference you’ve been looking for.

 Our 4 month ‘Attract Love’ Program is designed to help you to:

~ Expand your capacity for love

~ Uncover hidden barriers to love

~ Heal and let go of the past

~ Create healthy intimacy and love patterns

~ Communicate with compassion and still be heard

~ Raise your  love vibration to help you manifest the love of your life

We combine emotional, cognitive, energetic and spiritual principles for an integrated approach to overcoming obstacles to intimacy so that you can bring in true love!

This 4 month program includes:

~ An assessment of your relationship history, desires and goals, which is of tremendous value even on it’s own.

~ 8 one-hour private sessions either on the phone, Skype or in person

~ 4 months of email access

~ Ongoing support to implement strategies and modifications

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See what is possible for your relationship!