Detailed events with Cheryl Lazarus, Love Coach and Relationship Expert.  For past events and the titles of future 2017 events, please also see Speaking.

Testimonials for Cheryl’s Lazarus Speaking Engagements
(For client testimonials please see “Testimonials” on this site)

“Cheryl Lazarus was a guest star speaker at a 6-Figures event. As a speaker she was highly entertaining, interactive and informative. Her content was tailored to the demographic of the audience, and she easily addressed the needs and concerns of our audience regardless of relationship status. Many tips were applicable to both personal and professional relationships. If you are looking for a speaker who can engage with an audience while providing powerful informative, then I highly recommend Cheryl Lazarus.”

Jan Dahms, Founder, 6-Figures | Founder, Jan Mercer Dahms & Co., Consumer Relations & Brand Experience Management Consulting

“I have known Cheryl for many years, and can simply say that at the core of it, she is excellent at what she does. Cheryl’s divorce and relationship coaching expertise was most recently demonstrated when she spoke to our networking group, Allied Professional Women. She lead us through concrete examples of ways to better our personal and professional relationships, all which were extremely helpful and applicable in our day to day lives. The feedback from our audience was one of the best in over seven years, and I highly recommend Cheryl’s ability to engage, motivate and inspire an audience to take control of their relationships and lead happier lives.”

Stacy Francis, President & CEO of Francis Financial, Inc., Founder of Savvy Ladies and Allied Professional Women

February 6, 2017
Celebrate Yourself – How to be your Own Best Valentine
Workshop – Open Center

6:45 – 8:45 Signup details TBA

Being your own best valentine is more than having a pedicure or buying yourself new earrings. It’s about valuing and loving yourself at the deepest level. When you truly value yourself, then your confidence and joy will grow and relationships can flourish.

In our interactive workshop, Relationship Expert, Cheryl Lazarus, will reveal the #1 mindset needed for valuing and loving yourself. You’ll learn how to trust yourself more and to create love patterns that bring you happiness and fulfilling relationships. You will discover how to set boundaries that support you in your romantic, personal and professional lives. Plus, you’ll enjoy a fulfilling love mediation so that you can feel loved at any time!

February 4, 2017
Dating and Relationships Expert Panel
3 Tomatoes Renewal one day event
10:00 to 6:00

Over 20 Leading Experts in Health, Money, Fitness, Love, Life and Careers will motivate and inspire you!

Where you’re going, and where you’d like to be –  whether it’s to be healthier, thinner, fitter, live a more balanced life, be more financially savvy, find your next act and live a purposeful life, or improving your relationships and love life.  This event will inspire you with great speakers, entertaining and informative panels, and exhibits. This will be a great opportunity to think about renewal in all areas of your life that you’d like to enhance.

Where: Loft on 26th St., 122 West 26th Street, 5th floor, NYC (between 6th & 7th Ave.)

Tickets:  $85 (includes lunch, exhibits, speakers, panels, and wine reception)


January 17, 2017
Intentions and Possibilities for the New Year

Details TBA

November 3, 2016
Never Make a Mistake in Love Again
Become Emotionally Available for Love & Bring in your Soulmate

Workshop – Tournesol Wellness 

6 :30 to 8:30

You may not be available for love even though you think that you are. In fact, you might even think that it’s your dating partners who aren’t available, when actually it’s you!  Perhaps, you’re taking action to find love while unconsciously blocking yourself from receiving it.
Cheryl can help you change this! Discover the 3 keys necessary for being emotionally available for love so you can have the happy, fulfilling relationship that you desire. Plus, learn little known secrets to bring in your soulmate faster!

October 27, 2016
Trusting Again: Yourself, a Partner and Love Itself

7: 00 to 8 :30. 

Do you find yourself obsessing over a past hurt or betrayal – running over events in your head time and time again? Do you wonder if you’ll ever fully recover – to be able to trust again?

Healing and regaining trust is a process. It takes time and dedication; going through the pain and coming out renewed on the other side. Yet it can be done!

As a Certified Divorce and Relationship Coach who has needed to trust again myself, I’ve developed a powerful program for being able to trust yourself, a new partner and to trust in love itself (See for more on my Trust Again Program.)

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September 29, 2016
The Value of Girlfriends at this Stage of our Lives
Dinner event and interview – Merrill’s Girls
6:30 – 9:30

Relationship Expert, Cheryl Lazarus of Zengalove will share valuable insights & tips on:

~ The importance of girlfriends in our lives

~ How to set healthy boundaries in girlfriend relationships

~ How to trust yourself and your friends, even more

~ When to let go of a girlfriend – even if you’ve know her for years

~ How to discern which girlfriends to share important issues with

September 12, 2016
Are you Sabotaging your Relationship Success
Presentation – Golden Rolodex, Private Group

Cheryl Lazarus, Love Coach and founder of Zengalove will share the #1 mind sheet necessary to be emotionally available in any personal, romantic or professional relationship. You will leave will an action plan that you can apply immediately.

June 25, 2016
Hot Summer Love – Relationship Tele-summit:
14 experts interviewed
My interview: Becoming Emotionally Available for Fulfilling Relationships

My expert interview will cover:

If you feel conflicted about love or know that you want to open your heart to a fulfilling relationship Cheryl will show you how to be available for the loving, committed relationship you desire.

Cheryl shares her secrets for:

-Ways to know you are secretly sabotaging love and fulfilling relationships

-3 powerful keys to becoming emotionally available for love

-the most important step you can take to prepare yourself for love

Are you Secretly Sabotaging your Relationships and How to Become Emotionally Available for Love
May 28, 2016
Workshop for a singles retreat

You may not be available for love, even though you think that you are. You might be taking action to find love, while unconsciously blocking yourself from receiving it! Join Relationship Expert, Cheryl Lazarus of Zengalove and discover ways your may be sabotaging love and keys to be becoming emotionally available for love.

Healing and Becoming Emotionally Available Again
April 8, 2016
Love Em’ or Leave Em’ – Relationship Tele-summit:
20 experts interviewed

My expert interview will cover:

~ The mindset that is needed to become emotionally available.

~ The secret to unlocking your heart to yourself and others 

~ The 2 magic ingredients that can transform your current or future relationships 

~ The major cause of deterioration in relationships and what you can do differently

Expanding Your Comfort Zone for Online Dating
February 29, 2016

Whether you are a seasoned online dater or entering back into the dating world after a breakup/divorce, online dating can be exciting or intimidating! In this workshop, we will explore how to become more comfortable with yourself so that you can be more comfortable in the dating experience. Plus, we’ll learn tips for creating a better online profile, how to navigate the different apps/site, how to discern dating partners up front and much more!

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Grace, Gratitude and Grit
November 16, 2015

What does it take to go through challenges and to discover the opportunities within them? What is your experience of Grace and Gratitude and how does is help you in your life? What does Grit mean and how can you apply it to the days ahead?

We will explore these questions as well as the hidden opportunities that are available when we are open to them.

Revitalize Your Relationships, Brand and Body
July 9, 2015
for Leadership Executive Circle

This is a private event

Dating, Relationships and Becoming Emotionally Available
May 11, 2015

Dating and relationships can be exciting, scary or everything in between!  In this workshop we will explore how we can become more emotionally available, heal our past,our ideal relationship which includes our relationship  with our ourselves and how to date best when children are involved.

Please join us for this experiential workshop, if you are dating, in a relationship or wondering how you will ever be ready again!

I will be sharing concepts, strategies and tools for dating, resolving the past, and for creating fulfilling relationships especially the one with yourself!  Bring your questions as there will be time for Q & A and mini coaching sessions.

For more details click here

Raise Your Love Vibration: Attract more Positive People, Opportunities and Experiences into your Personal and Professional Life!
April 20, 2015
Special Workshop for FemFessionals Professional Organization

In this experiential workshop, with Relationship Expert, Cheryl Lazarus you will discover:

~ How our Love frequency affects our relationships and our experiences

~ The #1 mindset key in which to approach any interaction for a more positive outcome

~ Powerful tools to stop those voices in your head so that you can become present in every situation

~ How to increase your capacity for joy and abundance in your daily life

~ Techniques to open and channel your heart energy to attract more love and connection

~ Connection practices to expand your ability to create more fulfilling relationships.

For more details click here

Love Transformations: Create Healthy Love Patterns to Attract Love and Enjoy Fulfilling Relationships!

Tele-summit Love your Body, Love your Mind 20 Experts
March 30 – April 3, 2015

My Expert interview will cover:

~~ How our love patterns influence our relationships

~~ 3  unhealthy love patterns and how to transform them

~ ~ The #1 practice that helps people create change in their relationships and that can promote connection and understanding

For more details click here

Salon Event – Pamper Yourself

February 5, 2015
Event for Lady Drinks,  Founded by TV anchor and journalist Joya Dass

Providing Laser Coaching Love and Relationships sessions for participants

TWENTY women only are invited to join us at the luxurious EVA SCRIVO SALON at 50 Bond Street, for an evening of hair blowouts, facials, massages and makeup lessons. In addition, we are offering Love and Relationship Coaching, Style Consultations and Fitness Consultations.

We are purposefully curating who is attending and keeping it intimate, so you can make meaningful connections.

Cheryl Lazarus, Love Coach and Relationship Expert

She will provide 30-minute Laser Coaching Relationship Sessions. She helps women to attract new love, heal from a breakup, or enhance the relationship that they are in. Bring one Relationship challenge or concern to gain clarity, insights or strategies for your next steps forward!

For more details click here

Intention, Clarity and Manifesting Your Desire
October 9, 2014

Whether we to create a new relationship, deepen the one that we have, or heal from a breakup, three elements are needed:  intention, clarity and manifestation. In this workshop we’ll explore how they work together so that you can more effective in creating what you desire.

For more details click here

Self Forgiveness in Relationships
July 8, 2014

We all have regrets; for things we did or didn’t do,  for what we said or didn’t say. During any relationship, marriage or divorce it’s natural to have self doubt.  While self- reflection is an important and necessary process,  ongoing self-blame and regret can keep us from being present and enjoying our lives. It can keep us from healing and moving forward. 
When filled with guilt and remorse, we block the heart path form something new and better. We become stuck in old patterns and  deeper understanding can elude us.
When we can accept, embrace and forgive ourselves, a great healing can take place. If you would like to shift from self blame to
for more details click here

Spring Cleaning our Relationships: Weeding, Transforming, & New Growth!
May 17, 2014   10:15 – 2:15

If there is someone in your life that you need to let go of,  create a healthier dynamic with or if you would like to develop more positive relationships with like minded people, then this workshop will help get you there faster!

Just as winter stasis leads to new growth, our relationships also follow a cycle.  Which of our relationships explore, encourage and support us? Which have been growing weeds that we’ve been afraid to clear out.

There will be a presentation of concepts, sharing, journaling, movement and energetic and emotional practices to help you:

  • Evaluate the “emotional health” of your primary relationships
  • Learn tools of empowerment to apply to any relationship
  • Discover both the overt and subtle behaviors that either undermine or support you
  • Speak up for yourself in a clear, confident, non-blaming way
  • Experience emotional and energetic release and balance

.  for more details click here

Creating Sparks: An Evening about Relationships, Intimacy & Passion!
March 20, 2014

Private “members only” event given for 6-Figures  Professional Women’s Organization in support of Savvy Ladies Organization.  March 20, 2014.

New Possibilities” for 2014″ Workshop
January 2014

For those who were navigating the dating world or had gone through a relationship challenge,  2013 may have been a difficult year. However, 2014 can be very different!  Just by the change in the calendar, primordial hopes for the future can emerge in our souls.

How can we harness these energies of hope and renewal and make them real; bring new possibilities into our lives?

In this workshop, we’ll explore where you are, where you would like to be, and learn new tools to help you get there.

Combining easy-to-apply practical tools with psychological, energetic and spiritual principles, you’ll be able to create a new paradigm of thinking and possibilities for your future.  more……    event1

elit. event2