“New Possibilities” for 2014 – Workshop

  • For those who were navigating the dating world or had gone through a relationship challenge,  2013 may have been a difficult year. However, 2014 can be very different!  Just by the change in the calendar, primordial hopes for the future can emerge in our souls.

    How can we harness these energies of hope and renewal and make them real; bring new possibilities into our lives?

    In this workshop, we’ll explore where you are, where you would like to be, and learn new tools to help you get there.

    Combining easy-to-apply practical tools with psychological, energetic and spiritual principles, you’ll be able to create a new paradigm of thinking and possibilities for your future.

    In preparation, choose one specific issue where you would like to experience change and a positive difference. There will be a presentation of concepts, a manifestation exercise, sharing and coaching.

    Please join us if you are curious, open and interested in creating positive shifts in your life!

    Date: January 28, 2014

    Time: 7 – 9pm

    Investment in yourself: $20

    Location: NYC

    RSVP:  Please fill out the form below and location details will be given.

    Cheryl Lazarus CPC, CLC,  CPC is  passionate about helping women and men create more heart- centered  and fulfilling  dating and relationship lives.  She runs workshops and helps her private clients to become more open to  love,  heal wounds from the past,  create healthy relationship patterns and to deepen connection with their relationship partner.

    She is a Professional Speaker as well as a Certified Relationship, Divorce, Life, Professional and NLP Coach with additional therapeutic training. She coaches both in person and on the phone and  also runs support groups in NYC.

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