Intention, Clarity & Manifesting Your Desire

Whether we to create a new relationship, deepen the one that we have, or heal from a breakup, three elements are needed:  intention, clarity and manifestation. In this workshop we’ll explore how they work together so that you can more effective in creating what you desire.

You will discover:

~~ How to create an effective intention

~~ The best way to align yourself to accomplish what you want

~~ The key ingredient necessary to manifesting your desire.

We’ll have a presentation of concepts, discussion and coaching. Through an exercise  you’ll gain practical tools that you can apply immediately in your life!

This can be an incredible opportunity to learn how cognitive, psychological, energetic and spiritual principles all work together in manifesting our heart’s desire.

Please join us for a dynamic evening of sharing, meeting new friends and learning amazing new tools to help you move forward!

Date:  October 9. 2014

Time:  7 00 to 9 00 PM

Location:  NYC midtown. Location will be given upon RSVP

Investment in yourself: $20

RSVP: email cheryl

Subject line:  Intention Workshop

Cheryl Lazarus, is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner and Certified Life, Relationship and Divorce Coach. She is dedicated to helping people to empower themselves and to create fulfilling relationships.