Raise Your Love Vibration: Attract more Positive People, Opportunities and Experiences into your Personal and Professional Life!

In this experiential workshop, with Relationship Expert, Cheryl Lazarus you will discover:

~ How our Love frequency affects our relationships and our experiences

~ The #1 mindset key in which to approach any interaction for a more positive outcome

~ Powerful tools to stop those voices in your head so that you can become present in every situation

~ How to increase your capacity for joy and abundance in your daily life

~ Techniques to open and channel your heart energy to attract more love and connection

~ Connection practices to expand your ability to create more fulfilling relationships.

Cheryl Lazarus, CRC, CLC, s a Certified Relationship Expert and Founder of ZengaLove. She specializes in helping women to create more positive Relationship Patterns and to enhance their personal, romantic and professional lives. 

Cheryl is  an advocate for staying true to oneself while remaining open, compassionate and understanding with others. She believes that this creates the foundation for long lasting, healthy relationships.

She is a guest speaker at  numerous professional organizations, has been on Expert Panels, interviewed on radio shows and presented at the United Nations.  

In her private coaching, Cheryl combines therapeutic understanding and proactive coaching with spiritual and energy practices for an integrated approach and lasting results.

Location and RSVP details coming soon!