Self Forgiveness in Relationships

Self Forgiveness in Relationships
July 8, 2014

We all have regrets for things we did or did not do, for what we said or didn’t sat. During any relationship, marriage or divorce it’s natural to have self doubt. While self reflection is an important and necessary process, on-going self-blame and regret can keep us from being present and enjoying life. It can also keep us from healing and moving forward.

When filled with guilt and remorse, we block our hearts from something new and better. We become stuck in old patterns and understanding can be elusive.

When we can accept, embrace and forgive ourselves then we can heal. If you would like to shift from self-blame to forgiveness, then please join us. In this special evening, there will be a presentation of concepts, sharing and coaching. We’ll end with a sacred ceremony
to help you to forgive yourself so that you can open to new possibilities and self love.
Date: July 8, 2014 Tuesday
Time: 7 to 9pm
Fee: $20 cash, payable at the door
Location: NYC, To be given upon RSVP
To Register and RSVP  Cheryl  at (917) 838-3648 or email: Subject line – “Workshop”
Cheryl Lazarus, CLC, CRC is a Certified Relationship Coach and Certified Master NLP Practitioner. She helps people to become more empowered and to create fulfilling relationships.  Cheryl  coaches both in person and on the phone, holds workshops and runs support groups.