Spring Cleaning Our Relationships: Weeding, Transforming & New Growth!

Spring Cleaning Our Relationships

Weeding, Transforming & New Growth!

Saturday, May 17, 2014     10:15 – 2:15 pm

Just as winter stasis leads to new growth, our relationships also follow a cycle.  Which of our relationships explore, encourage and support us? Which have been growing weeds that we’ve been afraid to clear out?

In this dynamic workshop, we will explore our relationships; those that are unhealthy and need to be let go of or transformed and those that are positive and life affirming.

There will be a presentation of concepts, sharing, journaling, movement and energetic and emotional practices to help you:

  • Evaluate the “emotional health” of your primary relationships
  • Learn tools of empowerment to apply to any relationship
  • Discover both the overt and subtle behaviors that either undermine or support you
  • Speak up for yourself in a clear, confident, non-blaming way
  • Experience emotional and energetic release and balance

Location:  NYC. Details will be given upon registration.

Investment: $77 by May 7.  $97  May 8 onward.

RSVP:  Email Cheryl and write relationships workshop in the subject line.  cheryl@zengalove.com
Healthy snacks will be provided. Please bring a journal and brown bag lunch.

Cheryl Lazarus, CLC, CRC is a Certified Relationship Specialist and Certified Master NLP Practitioner. She helps people become more empowered and connected in their relationships by staying true to themselves while caring for others.
www.zengalove.com – 917  838 3648

Sherri Donavan, Esq is a Family Law Attorney and Professor of Forensic Psychology and Family Issues. She offers comprehensive services to guide the family of the 21st century with both humanity and skill.
www.sherridonavan.com – 212 431 9076








Sherri Donavan & Associates, 7 Dey Street, NYC

$77 if registered by April 30. $97 May 1st onward


RSVP: sherri@sherridonavan.com or Cheryl at  cheryl@zengalove.com

Healthy snacks will be provided. Please bring a journal and brown bag lunch Sherri at