Cheryl Lazarus of ZengaLove. Private Sessions

Cheryl Lazarus of  ZengaLove is dedicated to helping you create breakthroughs in dating, relationships, intimacy & sexuality. Or if you are going through a breakup or divorce, to help you heal and move through the challenges into rebuilding a positive new life!

Dating, Intimacy & Relationships 

Cheryl Lazarus, Certified Relationship and Divorce Coach says, “Many independent people lose themselves while they are dating or in a relationship.  They abandon that which is important to them and give up their power so that  they can gain approval, and then resent it afterward. Or, out of fear and insecurity, they may sabotage the very thing they are looking for… and connection.

There is often a disconnect between what people say that they want (a loving partner) and what they create, (another version of their previous unsuccessful relationship).

You can do this differently and we are dedicated to showing you how!”

Breakups and Divorce

When people go through a breakup or divorce their whole world can collapse. Between the emotional turmoil and practical steps that need to be taken, everything can become overwhelming and inertia can set in. We help you to heal, navigate the challenges in a divorce process, and take steps to rebuild your new life.

 Private Coaching

Whether you are dating, in a relationship which you’d like to improve or connect deeper in……or you are in the process of leaving, our private sessions can help you get there faster.

What is your greatest desire?  What are your current fears and challenges?  Would you like to take steps forward, but you’re not sure how to get there or you get sidetracked?

These are the questions to ask. ZengaLove  dating and relationship coaching provides you with support and a blueprint for your next steps. At each session we will access your current challenges and goals, your triumphs, and desires and will set you on a path for success.

Whether you are dating, in a relationship or splitting up you can get there faster when you have support and direction along the way.

How it works

~ sessions range from 30 to 90 minutes, your choice each time
~ can be in person or on the phone
~ we set 3 month and 6 month goals and timeframes
~ each session can center on a pre-thought challenge or desire or you can see what arises “in the moment”
~ sessions can include energy healing if desired or needed

~ at each session you’ll receive an “assignment” that can help you move forward and  to integrate the work of  our coaching. It will be specific to your particular goals  and concerns.

Sessions can center on your particular challenges and desires or you can choose from any of the ZengaLove programs

Our promise to you

With Zengalove relationship coaching you will receive:

~ guidance and the next steps to help you stay on track with your goals
~ positive encouragement and support
~ honest feedback and reality checks
~ empowering methods for healing, moving beyond fear, expanding joy and staying centered

Say “Yes” to the next steps in your relationship life. Please contact us!

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