‘Reconnect Now’ Program

For individuals or couples feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in their relationship and would like more intimacy and connection.

You want to feel more love!

Sometime in the past you felt it, with the man or woman you said “Yes” to
the one you chose to spend your life with.

You want to recapture that “feeling
To feel it in your heart
To hear it in their words
See it in their actions
The whole reason that you were brought together in the first place

You had it once
You can have it still!
This is what my “Reconnect Now” Program is all about.

I’m Cheryl Lazarus, a Certified Relationship Specialist. I experienced this personally and also see how my clients are overextended, how building their careers can become demanding or overwhelming, how raising children requires their heart and determination, how communication gets lost or pushed under the rug.

With little time and so many directions it becomes easy to take the one we love for granted. To forget why we chose them or married them in the first place.

We may not hear or acknowledge their cries for attention:

“ You’re always on the computer!”
“Can you put that iphone down?”
“You need to spend more time with the family.”

“Cam’t we take a vacation without the kids?”
‘Can’t we take a vacation!”

“I’m not feeling connected anymore”
“We’re losing us”

If any of this sounds familiar, know that there is a better way!

Miranda is a public figure and CEO of a multi million dollar firm. Her husband is on a similar career rack. They love each other, have 2 young children and are struggling to keep their life in balance and their love as a priority. 

They finally agreed to a weekend away without the kids. We worked with her mindset, and 2 specific tailor made relationship concepts to help them reconnect as a couple.

Following these guidelines, Miranda was thrilled at the immediacy of their renewed love and booked another weekend away for the following month!

With all the demands in your life
Your career
Your children
Other activities and responsibilities

You can get pulled in many directions
Yet, underneath it all
Running through your bones and in your heart

You DO want that connection

You want to keep your love alive
Or to rekindle what you once had.

But your work is so demanding! Or exciting!
It’s hard to turn it off
It’s hard to turn technology off!

How do you do it all?
Your partner wants attention
Your kids need your help
You need self- care

And then

You did not intend it
It just happened – gradually
The loving connection with your partner
Just slipped away

It slips away because we forget to pay attention
It slips away because we don’t have an intention
We forget to treat Love as a priority!
We take our partner and Love for granted.

And then we turn around and say,

“Where did it go.”
“Where did WE go?”
“I don’t feel connected anymore.”
“We don’t feel connected anymore.”

It doesn’t have to be this way!
You can have ever-lasting fulfilling Love!

I know that you can remember why you fell in love
That you can keep the spark alive
That you can let your loved one know what they mean to you

It doesn’t have to take long
It doesn’t require hours a day

It does take intention
It does attention
It does take a commitment
And it takes a Plan

Just as you make Business Plans for your business, and education plans for your children, you also need a Relationship Plan for your relationship – if you want it to thrive. Otherwise, it can get forgotten, go onto the back burner of Love.

It’s possible for you to nurture your love, keep your connection going or to rekindle the love that you one had, and I can teach you how!

Our “Reconnect Now’ Program  is a 4 month program designed to help you make immediate changes to improve the love and connection in your relationship.

How can the “Reconnect Now’ program help you?

After an assessment of your relationship, we focus on solutions for two key areas. You’ll receive ongoing support to implement strategies which includes:

~~ Creating a Vision for your Relationship future and what is possible

~~ Developing a “Love connection blueprint” that fits into your busy or complicated schedules and other responsibilities

~~ Methods to help you stay “connected” in only a few minutes a day

~~ Steps you can take so your partner feels loved and appreciated

~~A compassionate communication method so that you can express yourself easily and be “heard” by your partner

~~ How to bring or keep  the spark, passion and intimacy into your lives

~~ Creating a ‘mindset’ that keeps you open to love

This 4 month program includes:

~ A comprehensive assessment of your relationship, which is of tremendous value even on it’s own

~ 8 one-hour private sessions either on the phone, Skype or in person

~ 4 months of email access

~ Focus on 2 key areas to create positive change

~ Ongoing support to implement strategies and modifications

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See what is possible for your relationship! 


But what if?

I don’t have enough time as it is. How are I going to add one more thing?

What is happening in your relationship now is indicative of what will happen in the future. Are you happy with your marriage or relationship now? If you are, then keep up with what you are doing!

If not, what do you imagine may happen if you continue the way things are? Would you feel fulfilled living this way for the next year?  Next 5 years?  Ten years?

Chances are, your relationship won’t change unless you make a commitment to change it and to get outside help.  Help that provides you with actions steps, not just talk.

If it’s difficult for  you and your spouse/partner to carve out time together, if other responsibilities get in the way, if the quality of your time when together is not what you would like it to be, or if you’d like to know how to feel intimate and close in a only minutes a day – then adding “one more thing” can be life changing and love changing!

And the good news is that once you learn the skills, create the connections and develop new love patterns through our ‘Reconnect Now’Program,  you ‘ll be able to take it on your own with only some  “Love Maintenance” to help keep you on track!

 I don’t know if I can afford it.

It’s true that you need to spend your money wisely. If you’re currently fulfilled,  feeling ongoing love, support and connection with your spouse or partner, then it’s better to spend your money in other ways.

I see many couples who spend money on “extras” and those “extras” may not be as important as the  “extra” investment to having a loving and fulfilling relationship or marriage.

If you’re not feeling fulfilled, are you willing to make an investment in your marriage or relationship? Chances are, your relationship won’t change unless you get outside help. It’s amazing to see the possibilities that open up when you say “Yes” to yourself, to your partner and to your relationship!

There is a saying, “If you continue doing what you are doing, you’ll continue getting the same result.  What are the results that you are getting in your relationship?

Are they what you want?

If you’re not satisfied, if you know you can do better, if you know you desire a relationship that is more heart centered, close and connected then 

Sign up for your free ‘Reconnect Now’ consultation.

You can be connected, bring the romance back and create a happy, fulfilling relationship!