‘Trust Again’ Program

For men and women who are having difficulty trusting again due to past hurts or betrayal. Regain trust, and create a healthy, fulfilling relationship now!

You want to trust again! 

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Do you find yourself obsessing over a past hurt or betrayal. Running over the events in your head time and time again? Have your friends started to say they think you should move on or are you getting sick of yourself?

If you’ve been hurt in the past or betrayed by someone you love, it is often hard to let it go –  hard to trust again. I know I was there, too.

What I know is that you really want to heal and create true connection –with this partner or maybe a new one. You want to let go of past hurts so that you can have what your heart yearns for. I know I did.

I also know that you might still be afraid, and because of this you might be hiding. Hiding from the very love that you want more than anything else.

You also know that it’s time for a change!

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this now!

I’m Cheryl Lazarus, a Certified Relationship Coach and
I’ve been there, too
I’ve had my heart broken
I’ve felt the pain of hurt, of betrayal

The difficulties of letting go
The difficulties of trusting again

Yet, I was determined to move forward
To take my life back
Create my own choices
To live and love in a new way!

I learned to do it differently
Created the tools for healing and trusting
and I’d love to share them with you.

This is what my “Trust Again’ Program is all about!   

The  ‘Trust Again’ Program,  will help you to:

~~ Heal your past

~~ Let go of that which no longer serves you

~~ Make choices that support you

~~ Set boundaries that honor you

“Trust Again’ will help you to: 

~~ Open your heart again

~~ Create healthy relationship patterns

~~ Celebrate your new choices

~~ Feel connection and intimacy

~~ Trust yourself and another

Create the fulfilling relationships that you desire!

It only takes your commitment
And our collaboration

Saying  “YES” to a new way

Saying  “YES”   to yourself

Saying “Yes, it’s time”

Take the first step now!

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