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Testimonials for Cheryl’s Lazarus Speaking Engagements
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“Cheryl Lazarus was a guest star speaker at a 6-Figures event. As a speaker she was highly entertaining, interactive and informative. Her content was tailored to the demographic of the audience, and she easily addressed the needs and concerns of our audience regardless of relationship status. Many tips were applicable to both personal and professional relationships. If you are looking for a speaker who can engage with an audience while providing powerful informative, then I highly recommend Cheryl Lazarus.”

Jan Dahms, Founder, 6-Figures | Founder, Jan Mercer Dahms & Co., Consumer Relations & Brand Experience Management Consulting

“I have known Cheryl for many years, and can simply say that at the core of it, she is excellent at what she does. Cheryl’s divorce and relationship coaching expertise was most recently demonstrated when she spoke to our networking group, Allied Professional Women. She lead us through concrete examples of ways to better our personal and professional relationships, all which were extremely helpful and applicable in our day to day lives. The feedback from our audience was one of the best in over seven years, and I highly recommend Cheryl’s ability to engage, motivate and inspire an audience to take control of their relationships and lead happier lives.”

Stacy Francis, President & CEO of Francis Financial, Inc., Founder of Savvy Ladies and Allied Professional Women


February 6, 2017
Celebrate Youself – How to be your Own Best Valentine
Workshop – Open Center

February 4, 2017
Dating and Relationships Expert Panel
3 Tomatoes Renewal one day event

January 17, 2017
Intentions and Possiblities for the New Year

November 2, 2016
Never Make a Mistake in Love Again
Become Emotionally Available for Love

Workshop – Tournesol Wellness

October 27, 2016
Trusting Again: Yourself, a Partner and Love Itself

September 29, 2016
The Value of Girlfriends at this Stage of our Lives
Dinner event and interview – Merrill’s Girls

September  12, 2016
Are you Sabatoging your Relationship Success
Presentation – Golden Rolodex

June 25, 201
Becoming Emotionally Available for Fulfilling Relationships – Expert Interview
Hot Summer Love – Relationship Tele-summit: 14 experts interviewed

May 28, 2016
Are you Secretly Sabotaging your Relationships and How to Become Emotionally Available for Love
Workshop for a singles retreat

April 8, 2016
Healing and Becoming Emotionally Available Again – Expert Interview
Love Em’ or Leave Em’ – Relationship Tele-summit: 20 experts interviewed

February 2016
Expanding Your Comfort Zone for Online Dating

November 16, 2015
Grace, Gratitude and Grit

July 9 2015
“Revitalize Your Relationships, Brand and Body
Event for LEXCI– Leadership Executive Circle organized by Andrea March

April 22, 2015
“Raise Your Love Vibration to Attract More Positive People, Opportunities, and Experiences into your Personal and Professional Life.”
Event for FemFessionals – Professional Women’s Organization organized by Joan Peltzer

March 23 – 29
Love Transformations: Create Healthy Love Patterns to Attract Love and Enjoy Fulfilling Relationships!
Tele-summit -Love Your Body, Love Your Mind
My interview and special gift are part of the Upgrade Bonus

February 5, 2015
Salon Event – Pamper Yourself  event
Event for Lady Drinks,  Founded by TV anchor and journalist Joya Dass
Providing Laser Coaching Love and Relationships sessions for participants

January 25, 2015
Mission: Getting to Next – Symposium for Women Leaders in Transition
Event by Carole Hyatt, Founder of Mission: Getting to Next and The Leadership Forum
Expert Mentor for Getting to Next participants

December 11, 2014
Lifting Your Spirits During the Holiday Season

October 9, 2014
Intention, Clarity & Manifesting Your Desire

July 8, 2014
Self Forgiveness in Relationships

May 17, 2014
Spring Cleaning our Relationships: Weeding, Transforming, & New Growth!

April 9, 2014
“Responding to Change  while dating, in relationship, marriage or breaking up”

March 20, 2014

Creating Sparks; an Evening about Relationships, Intimacy & Passion!”
Private members only presentation given for Six-Figures Organization in support of Savvy Ladies

January 28, 2014
“Manifesting New Possibilities for 2014″

January 27,2013
Divorce Panel of Experts
Divorce Source Expert Panel

November 9, 2013
“Stop Sabotaging Relationships! 5 Simple Tips”
Interview on Coffee Break with Sabra

October 15, 2013
“The Emotional and Legal Challenges of Divorce”
Expert Panel

Sept 10, 2013
“Guilt – The Emotion that Dis-empowers and How to Handle It”

July 23, 2013
“HealingYour Heart”

May 20, 2013
” 5 Top Ingredients for Successful Relationships” Presentation
Allied Professional Women’s Organization. NYC

April 22, 2013
“Divorce Clinic: Legal, Financial, and Emotional”  Expert Panel
National Organization for Women

April 10, 2013
“3 Keys to Improving Any Relationship” Interview
Interview on Coffee Break with Sabra

April 9, 2013
“Lessening the Impact of Pain During a Breakup or Divorce”

March 3, 2013
“The Gifts of Love and Intimacy”  Workshop.
Women’s Day of Spirituality. JCC of Manhattan

January 31, 2013
“Insights Through Intuition – When Your Mind Can’t Find a Way Out”