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“Authority in the world of love coaching!”  

Cheryl has been an amazing healing force in my life.  Her coaching skills are intuitive and individually tailored.  I felt that she truly listened and catered to my unique needs. Her energy work, advice, tips and ‘homework’ have helped me move past emotional blocks and find true peace in my heart. Cheryl’s distinctive understanding and compassion make her the sole authority in the world of love coaching!
Dr. Denise Jagroo

“This Woman Can Connect You Directly to True Love”

Looking for love at any age? You can’t do better than Cheryl Lazarus at Zenga Love. Cheryl listens in a rare and highly effective way.  In her warm, wise and intuitive way she shows you unforeseen possibilities that are literally life-changing.  Take me for example—I am a vital, dynamic, attractive and successful ghostwriter and business owner:  75 years young.  My husband died three years ago, and I eventually went back into the dating pool. Cheryl helped me become a champion “swimmer!”  I now have two remarkable men vying for my hand: age-appropriate yet also youthful., financially secure, very attentive.  Cheryl can do this–and much more–for you.  What are you waiting for?
Judy Katz, book publisher and Founder of Ghostbusters.com


“Excited for what is now possible!”

Cheryl is a gifted, intuitive healer. I was speaking with her about a some difficult feelings I was having in a relationship, and she instinctively led me through a visualization that led me to a powerful understanding. This process went deep, and had much farther reaching connections than I was expecting. Cheryl was emotionally by my side the whole way, hearing what I was experiencing and guiding the process to where I needed it to be. When we completed the exercise, I felt calm, hopeful, loving, at peace, and excited for what is now possible!

Cheryl leads with patience, compassion and wisdom. She draws on multiple modalities to help clients understand what they’re struggling with, and then to help them heal. Her experience is vast, and her ability to help people grow, see bigger possibilities for themselves, and then receive what they want is a true gift. Anyone who gets to work with Cheryl will experience something unique and powerful, and know what it means to work with someone who truly brings her heart into everything she does.
Jennifer Zwiebel
Business Consultant


“Instrumental in taking my life in the direction it needed to go!”

“Cheryl is a kind and loving coach who makes things happen. She has such a keen insight to what needs to change and how to easily fit these changes into our busy lives. As a struggling workaholic, she helped me to focus my attention on what’s truly important in my life – my marriage. Cheryl gave me wonderful insights and helped me focus my time and attention in small, but significant ways to make my relationship even better. Her advice and support were instrumental in taking my life in the direction it needed to go.”
Christa Bache
Founder, Christa Bache Inc


“Honoring myself and setting healthier boundaries!”

Working with Cheryl has been a great experience. From our first session, I immediately felt very comfortable with her. She listened and created a safe space for me to share and grow. Through her perceptive guidance and support, I learned to continue to define my needs more specifically, honor myself and set healthier boundaries. It was especially useful in the context of dating & relationships. I’ve also grown to love, nurture and appreciate myself even more.

I am grateful for the gifts of working with Cheryl , and know that these new habits and distinctions will continue to make a significant difference in my life.”


“Moved through inertia … brought joy and spontaneity back …have taken major steps forward!”

“I felt stuck and unable to move forward. Cheryl helped me move through the inertia. I am now able to create new possibilities, bringing joy and spontaneity back into my life.

Cheryl’s compassion, guidance, and support has helped me recognize and break old negative thought patterns and create new ones that allow me to have positive conversations with myself. As a result, I am happier and making better choices; and I have taken major steps in my business, health and relationships.

Cheryl is perceptive and always in the moment. She knows exactly what it is I need to hear and provides me with the appropriate tools to use. I appreciate her openness, flexibility and enthusiasm.  Our collaboration is wonderful and I always leave our sessions feeling empowered and have a plan for the week.

I highly recommend working with Cheryl. She can make a tremendous difference in your life!


“Made all the difference in the world.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl to structure and strategize a few challenging conversations that I needed to have. Being a coach myself, I know how hard these conversations can be. Cheryl brought her expertise and her humanity, and was able to do some really important fine tuning, as well as overriding themes that made all the difference in the world. As a result the conversations went really well. I highly recommend Cheryl!
Lois Barth
Speaker, Coach and Motivational Expert


“Level of calm and confidence I’ve been after my whole life! “

“Cheryl’s techniques accelerated me to a level of calm and confidence I’ve been after my whole life – and it happened in a matter of days!”
Bradley Boyer, Founder
Boyer Communications Group


“Able to go to the places I don’t normally go”

“Cheryl created a safe and supportive space for me while I was going through a difficult  breakup.  I felt protected and secure.  Through her suggestions and amazingly compassionate approach,  I was able to go to the places I don’t normally go;  open up and dig deeper.

She helped me to look at what I needed to look at, realize the responsibility that I needed to take in the relationship and make very hard decisions so that I could move on. I knew during the process and with Chery’s guidance and support;  that this was an opportunity for great growth. This also offered me a major clearing of the emotions that I had been experiencing.

I know that whoever comes to Cheryl will benefit greatly  from her wisdom, compassion, knowledge and skill.”
Susan Nason
Parenting Specialist


“Transformed fears … broke new ground … and moved forward in life!”

“ I was scared, gave up quickly, shut off options and was closed-minded.Cheryl helped me break new ground both within myself and in my ability to move forward in life.

By transforming fears, I became “freed up,” expanded my thinking, and explored opportunities that I would not have considered before.

Cheryl’s wisdom, compassion and expertise are invaluable!”
Tess O’Brien
Sales Consultant

“Unties emotional knots … creates new freedom!”

“Cheryl has a gift. Her practices and tools help untie emotional knots and create a new freedom. She is comfortable with whatever comes up – regardless of how emotionally intense, and confidently guides on to a deeper freedom.
Mark Thornton
Author, “Meditation in a New York Minute”


Empowering tools to practice ….. understands the deep meaning of relationship ….. lovingly brought to the next level”

“Cheryl helped us experience love in the midst of illusion. Caught up in our emotional and karmic relationship patterns, she brought out the truth from within and helped us to see how we were hurting each other. Cheryl also gave us empowering tools to practice where the relationship was weakening both of us.

I feel Cheryl understands the true meaning of relationship, love and intimacy-focusing in on the foundation of the relationship and building from there.

Wherever you are in your relationship, when Cheryl comes into your life, you are lovingly brought to the next level.”
Brett Cotter
Therada Founder

“Provided a safe and trusting space”

“Cheryl provided a safe and trusting space to allow me to open up and explore my personal issues. She was loving, caring and personalized the sessions to assist me with my personal evolution.”
Pia Alvarez,
Healthy Living Coach


“Set me in a direction of self healing”

Cheryl listens with her spirit and hears others from their spirit.  She answered a call to my overwhelming pain and despair at the loss of a loved one.  With her healing touch she immediately put me in touch with my own inner healing light and set me in a direction of self healing to this day.
Louis Lembo


“Her main position is,  ‘I will have your back!’”

Cheryl Lazarus is the missing link during the divorce process   I have worked with Cheryl for 8 months and I have made more strides with Cheryl that I have with my therapist of 8 years.

This is why I call Cheryl the missing link. In 8 months she was able to help me clearly outline the areas where I felt weakest and empower me. I mean my mind and my soul. Cheryl helped me address the triggers that were stumbling blocks not only in my communication with my husband, but in other areas that I could not address which were crucial in my divorce.

She not only broke things down to the core level, she helped me every step of the way with integrating issues that I was dealing with and as a mother as well.

Her main concern was for me to start taking care of me. Her main position is,  “I will have your back!”


“Improved 300%…… guide you to the beginnings of your new life!”

“I am currently going through a horrible divorce, and have improved 300% since working with Cheryl Lazarus. Each time we have a coaching session, she incredibly lifts my spirits .She has also helped me understand and organize certain topics areas as in:

* Working with my attorney and making sure that I cover all important issues as she is well versed in the legal process.

* How to approach and communicate with my ex

* How to focus on my needs and boundaries with a special person whom I have recently met.

Having Cheryl by your side, she will help uplift your heart and soul, coach you through the issues in the divorce world, and guide you to the beginnings of your new life. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to work with her and to be part of my life.”


“The turmoil and thickness of despair shifted”


Cheryl is a gifted healer and intuit. I was blessed to be the recipient  of a transformative Energy healing session that had a marked effect on my emotional well being.  At the time I was trapped in the darkness of depression and was sinking quickly. Cheryl reached out to me and her touch was a saving grace.

Through her guidance and presence, the turmoil and thickness of despair shifted and I was able to connect with Source again.She moved some of the weight and hopelessness through here gentle touch and assistance. By the end of the session, I was feeling more of my authentic self  and actually in tune with a flicker of joy–a true miracle.

I highly recommend Cheryl’s work. She is a Healer in every sense of the word.
D.C.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Writer

 Seminars, Groups, Workshops, & Presentations         

“I could feel the depth of Cheryl’s experience and knowledge. She is safe to jump into the unknown with.  I deeply honor everything she has taught and how open and connected she helped us to feel.”
Reiki Master Teacher


“Through sharing I heard myself more clearly than ever define the place that I need to grow and change. Through skillfully lead exercises, I began my process of exploring ways and tools to open more fully to myself. Feeling the resistance and working through the edges, I moved forward and discovered lost parts of myself.”


“ I am so glad I attended  as I enjoyed every minute of it and learned so much in the process with Cheryl at the helm. ”
Ms. Rozz


“The discussion was extremely beneficial, interesting and eye opening.
I look forward to further talks that allow us to reflect on parts of our lives. ”
Cynthia M.


“ A very good and well organized group. Thanks, Cheryl. You’re such an amazing person. It was a pleasure meeting you. Hope to see you soon. ”


Very helpful and informative, gave me some new ideas & perspectives. ”

” I was very impressed and so happy that I attended. Very helpful to everyone. It was a pleasure meeting everyone. I really appreciated all the help that I got.”


I was very nervous going in but I am very happy I did. Sharing my experience and receiving such positive reinforcement really did make a difference. I can’t wait until the group meets again. Cheryl,  Thank you very much!
Ms R


“I just wanted to say thank you to Cheryl so much for working with me and the many others she had helped. At the beginning of my break up I felt like I was unable to breathe and my life had lost much of its meaning.

Thanks to all of her compassion, support, and leadership within our group, I now have a renewed sense of strength and courage to face my future. My heart has healed tremendously and I feel like I have really moved on to a new phase of my life. Stronger…on MY terms.

If it was not for her unyielding nonjudgmental support and encouragement I would probably have remained in that dark place of my life for longer than my heart and head needed me to.  Thank you, thank you! for moving me forward” –


“The workshop was a transformative experience and I highly recommend her workshops. I look forward to her future workshops.”
Deb G.,
Construction Engineer